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To recover a file using Excel Repair Service you need to fill out the order form and attach a corrupted file. You can also fill the form and upload a file via FTP.

Order form
Your full name*:
Your e-mail address*:
Login id*:
Later you will use this 'login id' and 'password' to access your order information.
Confirm password*:
Original name of the file*:
Please enter the name of your file, for example, invoice.xls (required if you want to send the file over FTP).
You can enter your comments about file corruption. For password-protected files enter the file password here.
File to upload:
Please use file compression software, such as WinZip to reduce upload time.
* - required fields.

File upload will start immediately after you press the "Save" button. This may take a long time for large files. Do not worry and do not press your browser's Stop button.

About file upload via FTP
If you don't see 'Browse' button near 'File to upload' field then your browser doesn't support HTTP file uploads. In this case you need to use an FTP client software to upload the file to
Also, you may use FTP if your file is too large or you have problems with HTTP upload. Note, that our FTP server supports resumed uploads.
When using FTP you must logon as an anonymous user.

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