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  • Our file repair method's main principle is based upon analyzing file's data and removing corrupted parts. This way, if a file is slightly damaged then chances that all data will be recovered are very high.

  • We recover not only numbers, strings and formulas, but all valid data in a file.

Extra Features
  • We can recover password-protected files

  • In addition to recovering files automatically with the specially designed utility we can analyze and repair them manually as raw binary data. With this manual approach we are often able to achieve dramatic improvements in quality of file repair.
    So, if you have already tried to repair your corrupted file with some other utilities but didn't get satisfactory result - feel free to use our service!

  • If your file is severely damaged and can only be partly recovered then we can reduce cost of service.

  • Our service is inexpensive when compared with other recovery utilities. See our prices page.

Recovery Limitations

There are some cases when corrupted files can not be fully recovered:
  • if some parts of the file are overwritten by other data and therefore contain no Excel data;

  • if the file was truncated unexpectedly.

Payment options

The following payment options are available:
  • credit cards
  • fax/phone orders
  • bank/wire transfer
  • personal checks
  • cash

  Our advantage...

In addition to recovering files automatically with the specially designed utility we also use all our knowledge and experience when analyzing and improving files manually.
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