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REPAIRFILES.COM is a web based service designed to repair corrupted files and recover lost passwords.

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Excel Repair Service is a web based service designed to repair corrupted Microsoft Excel documents. Our main differences from repairing software and other repairing services:
ability to repair files manually. With manual approach we are often able to achieve dramatic improvements in quality of file repair.
recovering of all Excel data types (strings, numbers, formulas, formats, graphics, charts, VBA projects and etc.)
we can repair password protected MS Excel files
So, even if you have already tried to repair your corrupted file with some other utilities but didn't get satisfactory result - feel free to use our service!
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Password Recovery Service

Password Recovery Service is a web based service designed to recover lost passwords for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents. Our main advantages are:
guaranteed recovery
no advance payment required!
fastest turnaround achieved through combining processing power of a large number of networked computers
Lowest prices for guaranteed recovery compared to other services.
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