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Microsoft Excel 97/2000 and Microsoft Word 97/2000

Microsoft Office 97/2000 encryption is significantly stronger than previous versions. Consequently, different approaches to document recovery need to be taken. We use two methods to recover your Excel 97/2000 or Word 97/2000 document.
Dictionary Attack

The method allows to find the original password. We will try approximately one million of commonly used passwords and all possible character combinations up to 6 characters in length. It will take around one hour. Trying more lengthly passwords will take unreasonable amount of time. This method works in 75% of cases. If we fail to recover the password with this method, we will use our second method that gives 100% chance of recovery.

Guaranteed Recovery

The method doesn't allow us to find original passwords. However, it guarantees 100% password recovery for your document. The trick is that the method doesn't attempt to find all possible passwords. Instead, it tests for possible key combinations. The keyspace is 40 bit in length, so there are 1099511627776 of possible keys total. We try each key, one by one, until we find the one that match your password and allows us to open the file. This method recovers a binary key; we never recover the actual password, but we are able to remove password protection using this key. To achieve the fastest turnaround time we use our unique distributed network application that runs simultaneously on over 50 high-performance computers.

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